The Nigerian poet Chinua Achebe said

 “ There isn’t a final identity that is African. But, at the same time, there is an identity coming into existence, and it has a certain context and a certain meaning.

Africa is a land of many contrasts and misconceptions. Whilst the Africa we are shown in the media is sometimes that of war, famine, disease and corruption, there is another side that one experiences by being there. This is the real heart of Africa - the land, the people and its fauna.

Having spent some of my early childhood growing up in Zambia, I first returned to Africa in early 2011. Returning to Africa was a chance to combine some editorial and social documentary photography work as with a volunteer position at the School of St Jude in Arusha, Tanzania. I have worked here as a photographer helping to document school life and take photographs that have been used for promotion. 

Working in Africa has also given me the chance to travel to Zambia, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire). Some of these images are taken from some of these countries and are maybe some reflections or responses to the feelings of travelling to such a place.

I have recently worked closely with Testigo Africa and Farm Radio International who have operations in Tanzania, East Africa helping to document development projects.